The Shimmery Jewel-Toned Eyeshadows in the NYX Suede combination Are Anything however typical for summertime

using the new NYX Suede combination on my eyes
Dust off that stick of MAC Costa Riche liner (or any type of of the warm reddish brown eyeliners or eyeshadows in yo’ collection, for that matter), since the new NYX Suede combination ($15) wishes to make magic with it.

This new combination of shimmery, pearlescent jewel-toned eyeshadows is like the partridge to a warm reddish brown’s pear tree. I’m believing a warm reddish brown with a matte finish…a la MAC Costa Riche, Swiss chocolate or Embark.


Because all eight shadows in the combination have a shiny surface that borders on metallic, integrating a matte to contrast with the shimmer should balance with the shadows rather nicely. For these pics here, I utilized great ol’ MAC Costa Riche on my water as well as lower lash lines, however I believe I’ll sweep a matte brown in the crease also next time I try this.

These shadows sure are simple to work with. barely any type of after effects at all, great deals of pigment, as well as they’re simple to blend. The only problem I’ve truly had with any type of of them at all is with my eyes watering — not a lot. nur ein bisschen. My eyes must be super sensitive today since my left eye got a bit teary after I smudged the dark blue teal along my lower lash line.

Swatches of the top row

Untere Reihe
That’s Maybelline Mater Hi-Lighting blush in 30 Coral on my cheeks as well as Maybelline stormy Sahara lipstick on my lips
I truly dig this palette, in big part since it’s not just your run-of-the-mill, typical gold as well as teal summertime eye palette. It’s different — moodier, type of smokey, as well as the shades should be just as wearable in the fall.


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$ 42.

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Suede is offered now for $15 at NYX counters as well as

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P. S Who’s down for some shoe buying tonight? LOL! I needs it. It’s been one of those Fridays, ya know?

What are you up to? Are you going to see Maleficent? It appears like it’s getting okay evaluations so far… Not great, however I don’t care. I still want to see it.

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