Milk makeup Eye Pigment cream Eyeshadow Dries With a Quickness!

The darker shade is called silent Disco as well as the lighter one is called Peep Show. Both are Milk makeup Eye Pigments with the very best names EVER!
One may wrap up that I’m smiling in this pic because…hello, pigment! Hello, glitter! Hello, shine!

So many fun things, right?


But I’m really smiling right here since when I snapped this pic, I was about to eliminate this eye makeup. Because, gosh…this Eye Pigment from Milk Makeup, which is offered in 11 $24 shades in the long-term line, was so difficult to work with!

What a bummer, since I believed it looked super awesome when I swatched it.

The Eye Pigments are shimmery, concentrated cream eyeshadows that are available in a tube, as well as when you capture a bit on the back of your hand, then begin working them around with a finger or a brush, they dry like BAM! Like, instantly. Ich meine es ernst. They’re dry in less than 10 seconds, so you have to move truly fast.


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Now, I can put on my makeup relatively quickly most of the time, however these are ridiculous! I can’t work that fast. It’s almost impossible for me to blend the edges before they set.

You can see in the top pic that my shadow goes up higher on one lid than it does on the other, since I was trying to do both eyes at the exact same time…which was a poor concept in hindsight. The shadow dried as well fast!

When your lids are a mess however you’re still trying to be sassy…

But wait, there’s more! I likewise tried layering the pigments with each other, however the creams looked heavy as well as bumpy as well as thick on my lids.

Aaand, then I tried layering powder shadows on top of them, as well as oh, boy, was that a mess. Really, I couldn’t get anything to blend on top of them at all.

Needless to say, these aren’t my preferred products in the Milk makeup line… If you’re going to get anything eye makeup-related from Milk, as well as I believe you should, since I still believe it’s a fantastic brand, I’d go for the beige Eye vinyl in Bridge instead.

Glänzend! That’s the shade called Bridge on my lids.


Bridge is method easier to utilize than this, as well as that glossy surface is extremely in right now.

Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaft-Schönheits-Süchtiger,


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