Fight for Your best to celebration with Big, Bouncy celebration curls

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True story: I utilized to run around the home singing (rapping?) the Beastie Boys’ fight for Your best to celebration at the top of my lungs when it came out back in 1986, as well as it completely threw my parents for a loop. Bless their hearts, they were very first generation Americans, as well as they didn’t always grasp the subtleties of pop culture or comprehend my appreciation for things like rap.


“You gotta fight for your best to party.”
— Beastie Boys

Never mind that I was only 11 at the time. My mum actually believed that I was prepared to fight for my best to party, as well as she reacted like any type of accountable parent would. She banned me from dating up until 25 as well as stated “No celebrations up until you surface medical institution at the top of your class!”

That plan didn’t last long, of course. I went on my very first date at 14 as well as never rather made it to med institution (I can’t stand the sight of blood). as for the partying, well, I did my share in college, however not sufficient to turn me into a cautionary tale.

These days, the celebrations I go to typically include the letter B — bridal showers, infant showers as well as birthdays (NOTE: much more frequently with inflatable bounce homes than kegs). however every when in a blue moon somebody will invite me to a fancier shindig, as well as when they do, WOOHOO! It’s time to bust out the Spanx, put away the stretchy pants as well as develop some big, bouncy curls.

When it concerns celebration hair, I like huge volume as well as curls (think Victoria’s trick runway hair). It can look difficult to style, however it doesn’t have to be if you have sufficient time as well as the best tools.


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I discovered this specific technique from a hairdresser I went to before an event a few years ago, as well as I’ve been utilizing it ever since.

It begins with a dry head of hair as well as three things — a curling iron, a warm protectant spray as well as a bottle of flexible/soft hold hairspray. I typically get the very best results one or two days after my last shampoo, however freshly washed dry hair works too.

Next, working with a single one-inch section of hair at a time, I spray a little amount of warm protectant from roots to ends. Then, to provide the hair some hold, I spritz hair spray along the length of the exact same section before popping it into the curling iron. I let the iron do its thing for anywhere between 30 seconds as well as a minute before carefully releasing the curl.

As I do each section, I alternating the direction of the curls (clockwise as well as counter-clockwise), with some dealing with outside as well as some inward, to keep things from looking as well uniform.

After the last section, I let the curls awesome for about 15-30 minutes while I surface getting ready. when they’ve cooled, I carefully run my fingers with the curls to break them up, as well as then spray my entire head once again with hair spray to lock the style into place.


Whoa-oh, we’re halfway there (whoa-oh, livin’ on a prayer!)

Und danach!

I have a great deal of hair, so this takes me about an hour to do. It may take you a bit much more or less, however when you’re done you’ll be rewarded with big, bouncy, runway-worthy curls that are prepared to dance the night away.

My calendar is currently remove of parties, however it never hurts to be prepared.

Do you have a go-to celebration hair look, or do you like to switch it up? What are your preferred celebration woman hair styles, as well as exactly how do you do them?


Your friendly community charm addict


P.S.S. pleased Monday!

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