Flower appeal Is keeping Eyes on the prize by potentially Duping Clinique’s $17 shadow Stick Tints With an $8 Eyeshadow Chubby

The new flower appeal Eyes on the prize Eyeshadow Chubbies ($8 each)
When it pertains to saving time, I gotta say, flower Beauty’s new Eyes on the prize Eyeshadow Chubby sticks should have very first location honors.

Don’t get me wrong — I might happily fritter away an entire Saturday afternoon blending as well as blending eyeshadows (I requirement a lot more EYES!!), however sometimes, like on truly stressful days when my pet helping tasks begin early (Mondays are the worst! I’m lucky if I get five minutes of valuable makeup time before Tabs is on me to do his bidding.), I’ll do anything to save time.


Two of the five flower appeal Eyes on the prize Eyeshadow Chubbies…
For quick eye looks these twist-up shadow sticks are #winning. The husky idea covers a big swath of lid genuine estate, so one or two swipes normally does the trick. just blend out the edges with a finger, curl your lashes, whack on a layer of mascara, as well as you’re made with your eye makeup in two minutes, dude.

Daffodil With It
Have you ever utilized Clinique’s Chubby Stick shadow Tints? Well, these are similar in terms of structure as well as color payoff (they have a smooth, creamy formula), however they absolutely beat Clinique in cost ($8 each versus $17 for Clinique’s).

Dark Side of the Blue

On my combination oily/dry eyelids, these do begin creasing after 3-4 hours, particularly if I utilize as well much. normally with these, the less I use, the better. One or two swipes as well as perhaps 30 seconds of blending with a finger for softly shimmering lids.


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If you have uber oily lids, you may want to begin with a layer of primer, just to head off any type of prospective creasing. My lids tend to be dry this time around of year, however during the summer, yeah, I’d absolutely pop some NARS pro Prime Smudge-Proof on first.

Oh, as well as you can likewise utilize these as bases for your powder shadows. The golden beige color I’ve been wearing, Daffodil With It, is excellent for that. Again, a little amount must do ya. Anything a lot more than a couple swipes, as well as things might get creasy…

Swatches in Dark Side of the blue (left) as well as Saffodil With It (right)
As for availability, they’re meant to be brought at choose Walmart stores as well as on the internet (available now), however I haven’t identified them on the internet yet. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

If you’re into quick, non-fussy makeup with a hint of shimmer as well as shine, these might be a great fit.

PRICE: $8 each
AVAILABILITY: offered now (supposedly) at choose Walmart stores as well as walmart.com
MAKEUP as well as appeal blog RATING: B+

They’re baaaaaack!

Oh, gawd… So what do I see when I walk into Trader Joe’s yesterday?

Smack dab there in the middle of the store is a huge, towering screen of Dark chocolate Stars.

Good for my taste buds, poor for the calories I’m allegedly counting.

And get this: now they likewise are available in mint! DER HORROR!


I didn’t truly get a close look at them since I had to force myself away; otherwise, at least one of the boxes would have ended up in my cart (I was lucky to get out of there with just one box of the routine dark chocolate stars), however I’m guessing they’re like woman Scout thin Mints… have you had ’em yet? Sind sie gut?

Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaftsberufung Süchtiger,


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